A gifted and passionate communicator, Mike has a heart for men and the struggles they face everyday. His vulnerable and transparent speaking style makes him especially relatable. After nearly 20 years of experience mentoring men, Mike is very effective at engaging men's hearts and inspiring them.



  • Living Empowered by the Light: An inspiring message, based in 1 John 1, geared toward encouraging men to step out of the dark and into the empowering light of the gospel.
  • Testimonial: Victory in the Battle Against Pornography
  • Redemptive Economics: Now more than ever, our culture needs Christian men to be agents of God’s redemptive influence in the marketplace. Mike demonstrates how the biblical gospel narrative informs our approach to business and entrepreneurship for the kingdom's sake.
  • Interpreting Film and Culture in Light of the Gospel: Either watch a full movie, or clips, then discuss and interpret the film through the lens of the gospel. You will never watch a movie the same way again!
Mike Hatch