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52 Weeks of Strength for Men

Go deeper with 52 Weeks of Strength for Men. Each week, you start with seven Bible passages on an important topic. Then comes a rich devotion that you'll want to read more than once. After a short but powerful prayer, you get a set of challenging questions to move your head and your heart.

Nothing here is shallow. The 52 relevant topics are grouped into four areas of exploration: The Nature of God, God in the Day-to-Day, Big Topics, and Tough Topics.

Read it on your own, and you'll strengthen and deepen your faith. Grab some buddies, and you'll see how iron sharpens iron. Dive into 52 Weeks of Strength for Men, and enrich your life with God's Word every week – and every day.


Daily Strength for Men

over 200,000 copies sold

Today’s man is expected not just to survive but to thrive in a fast-paced world of uncertainty and stress. When you carve out time to study the Bible, you need that effort to make a real difference in your life. You need to draw strength from God’s Word.

The 39 books of the Old Testament are an overlooked treasure trove of practical advice and strength for men. By drawing from each of the Old Testament’s 39 books and bringing them into today’s world, Daily Strength for Men provides a much-needed shot in the arm for men of all ages and backgrounds. Innovative features of the book include:
two days for each verse, giving you adequate time for study and application
many links to the New Testament for “big picture” context
lots of references to films, athletes, popular songs, recent news stories, and even TV ads, all designed to make biblical wisdom relevant for today’s world