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The Empowered Manhood podcast encourages men to be real with other men and to build strong and lasting bonds with them so that, together, they can become authentic Christ-followers.

Episode 51: The Lion within You
Guest: Chris Grainger, founder, The Lion Within Us
Overview: Every Christian man has a lion within, one that empowers him to be a spiritual leader at home, at church, and in his community. But your lion may be silenced due to a lack of faith in God. Grainger discusses how men can traverse difficult storms in life in a way that increases their capacity for leadership.

Episode 50: Connecting the Bible to the Land of Israel
Guest: Dr. John DeLancey, Director of Biblical Israel Ministries and Tours
Overview: How do you know that the events recorded in the Bible really happened? DeLancey's trips to Israel and participation in archaeological digs have bolstered his faith, and our conversation will bolster yours.

Episode 49: "All In" on Men's Discipleship
Guest: Dr. Dan Nahrwold, anesthesiologist
Overview: In California, Nahrwold heard about CLC's All In discipleship program. After he moved to Tampa, he decided to start an All In group. He shares how his life, and the lives of the other men in the group, were transformed.

Episode 48: How God Forges Men
Guest: Cartwright Morris, certified coach and podcaster
Overview: How does God forge a man? Morris, who has worked with hundreds of emerging leaders in the U.S. and abroad, explains how to let go of your own agenda and allow God to shape your faith through struggle and uncertainty.

Episode 47: A Heart-Stopping Testimony of God's Faithfulness
Guest: Tyler Moon, marathon runner
Overview: At mile 8 in his first road race, Moon suffered a cardiac arrest, and his heart stopped beating. That's where God took control and demonstrated that He is sovereign and faithful. You'll be inspired by what happened next.

Episode 46: Becoming a "Kingdom Operative"
Guest: Adam Jones, former Blackhawk pilot and Company Commander
Overview: His experience in the Army helped Jones discover how to have command presence, situational awareness, and mission readiness. In our conversation, he reveals how to use these skills as a "kingdom operative,", leading with contagious confidence at home, in the workplace, and in other settings.

Episode 45: Affirming Men's Abortion Trauma
Guest: Greg Hasek, licensed mental health counselor
Overview: The Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is reminding many -- both men and women -- of the trauma they experienced as a result of abortion. Hasek helps us understand the trauma that men experience and how we can come alongside them to encourage and support them.

Episode 44: Build Your Band of Brothers with the 2022 Better Man Event
Guests: CLC President Craig Fry, Better Man Event Founder Brian Buckley, and Better Man Event MC Obie Diaz
Overview: The Better Man Event is reaching hundreds of thousands of men around the globe. CLC, the Event's discipleship partner, encourages Event attendees to start CLC groups to build bands of brothers who live life together.

Episode 43: Men's Discipleship "In the Wild"
Guest: Travis Edgar, pastor
Overview: Pastor Travis Edgar stopped creating men's discipleship events in the church building and began to build relationships with them on their turf, in the places where they spend most of their time. Find out what he discovered with his missional approach.

Episode 42: Understanding God's Hidden Agendas
Guest: Leigh Gerstenberger, former financial services executive, founder of Strategic Connecting, LLC
Overview: We men often are blind to what God is doing behind the scenes, especially in our places of employment. We can be so practical and results-oriented that God's agenda, and His actions, remain hidden. Leigh explains that, when we tune in to God, He can shape our workplace into our "business-stry."

Episode 41: The Five Masculine Instincts
Guest: Chase Replogle, pastor and author
Overview: Replogle, author of The 5 Masculine Instincts, explains why understanding these instincts is the key to understanding your masculine journey and the purpose God has for your life.

Episode 40: The Sowing Principle -- Moving toward God's Will
Guest: Jason Alcott, operations manager and author
Overview: Every day, you make decisions and take actions that affect future outcomes for you and others. Alcott discusses a framework for discerning if you are using your God-given blessings to pursue His calling for you -- sowing the seeds He has given you and reaping the harvest He has planned.

Episode 39: Reimagining Church Real Estate for Missional Purposes
Guest: Dominic Dutra, founder, 3D Strategies
Overview: What do you do when your church building no longer is an asset for your church? Leveraging years of experience with real estate, Dutra explains how, by repurposing your building, your church can become more fiscally sustainable and more effective at accomplishing your mission.

Episode 38: An Innovative Approach to Missions using Bitcoin
Guest: Dr. Patrick Melder, ENT surgeon and sleep specialist
Overview: Melder, who left the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel before starting his private practice, has served as an elder and lay missions pastor in his church and hosts the weekly Mission Bitcoin podcast. He explains how Bitcoin can be a critical element of a compelling missions strategy around the world.

Episode 37: How to Facilitate Hard Faith Questions from Men
Guest: Dr. David Martin, USAF contractor in South Korea
Overview: How do you handle hard questions about faith? Do you invite these questions, even those you may not be able to answer? Martin explains how you can facilitate, and handle, such questions from the men around you.

Episode 36: The Mission to Eliminate Fatherlessness among Youth
Guest: Ed Glover, co-founder, Urban Impact Foundation
Overview: Urban Impact strives to maximize the impact of men in their homes, neighborhoods, and cities. Glover discusses the devastating impact of fatherlessness among youth today and challenges men to be a part of the solution.

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