Empowered Manhood School

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Redemptive Economics

A Gospel Centered Approach to Business & Entrepreneurship

Winter Launch - January 1

October 26-27

Empowered Manhood

Mike Hatch teaches a powerful course based on his own experience in battling insecurity and addiction. Learn what it means to live empowered by the light of the gospel!

Coming Winter 2021

Praise for Redemptive Economics

"I've been blessed to have been a part of multiple PE backed companies set in startup or high growth stages. Mike's 'Redemptive Economics' allowed me to redefine and polish my set of personal core values by using a Christ centered perspective. Being able to identify areas where, as entrepreneurs, we fall into traps of distrusting God with the blessings He has given us in the arena of business has been powerful. As I think strategy, having this template to check myself against His will (Steward/Generosity/Redemption) has equipped me with yet another piece of His armor. Thanks Mike!"

- Todd (CFO)


“Redemptive Economics completely reshaped how I view my work, investing, and contribution to God's Kingdom. Mike does a great job of connecting biblical practices to modern day investing & finances. Overall, the course is a powerful tool in transforming the way Christians view and contribute to God's economy.”

- Ryan (Entrepreneur, Video Production Professional)


“This enlightening course helped me to get on the right track as it relates to faith and finances. Mike Hatch skillfully articulates the biblical principles that equipped me to actively participate in God’s plan for provision in my life.”

- Todd (Former Franchise Owner, Entrepreneur, Investor)


“Redemptive Economics was an energizing and educating study that opened my eyes to biblical principles about money, work, and stewardship. The use of scripture, thought-provoking questions, and group fellowship and discussion led to a lot of personal growth. Researched and digestible, it is a study benefiting people of different levels of experience with money and the Bible. I couldn't recommend it more highly.”

- Doug (Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner)


"The Redemptive Economics course was great!  It gave me the opportunity to look at business and entrepreneurship from a biblical perspective, which was valuable, and helped me realize some of the things that I needed to change.  It will help you see and think from a different perspective.   Mike did a great job with the videos.  He is knowledgeable, and was detailed in the way he explained the material.  I highly recommend this course for everyone in business!”

- Charlie (Vice President)